Impulsos is a company founded in mid-2021 by the director and dramaturg Pau Portabella, who, after years directing several circus, theater and dance productions as a freelance, he decided to create a platform in which to share a space for research, reflection and creation, in which a wide range of artists can cross their paths.

Impulsos was born from the desire for change, to reinvent oneself and take risks, both at a creative and research level, as well as esthetics and devising proceses. Impulsos is a space where intuition is an engine, it is the desire to create, share and not remain static.


The Evolutions trilogy

Evolucions is a personal project of Pau’s that comes after many years of directing and accompanying numerous companies and creative processes.

For this first adventure, Pau invites four consolidated circus, theater and movement artists, with whom he has previously worked separately, and who share a vital and artistic moment of reflection, transition and change, to work together in the projection of Evolutions, the idea of three consecutive, independent but interrelated pieces.


A disturbing character on the brink of madness searches for a principle of certainty in a world that is deforming and invites us to question our conceptions of reality in a game of mirrors where everything and nothing is what it seems. In this delusional search, new characters will appear from a disparity of universes and create a collective delirium of shared solitudes.

Fantasy, metaphor, theater and normallity together on a chaotic journey.

Circus, theater, movement, music and visual poetry at the service of an almost cinematographic dramaturgy that, through the absurd and the drama, will manage to shift us and break the framework of the possible.