Actor, director and dramaturg

Artist specialized in multidisciplinary scenic creation. He works in circus, theater and dance shows and as a trainer of stage artists.

He studied at ElTimbal theater school (Barcelona) and at Rogelio Rivel (Barcelona) and Le Lido (Toulouse) circus schools.

Co-creator of the company Fet a mà with Marta Torrents, with whom they create the shows Swap! and Cru, with which they tour internationally and won several awards.

Currently apart from directing and acting with his own circus-theatre company Impulsos, he works direction and dramaturgy with national and international companies such as Kaaos Kaamos, Haa Collective, Cia. Dukto, Nuua company, Maitane Sarralde cía…

The research lines of Pau’s works point towards new circus dramaturgies that seek to break conventional schemes to discover and develop new scenic languages.

I am currently with my company IMPULSOS, in the midst of creating the show LANGUAGES, the first of three creations in the EVOLUTIONS trilogy. A journey through four personal artistic universes.

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